Our Story

Growing up without her parents, Amany had always struggled with sleep and anxiety. Drew faced similar challenges, dealing with stress and irregular hours in the US Navy and high-pressure corporate jobs. We both had come to accept lethargic mornings, afternoon crashes, and anxiety as part of life.

After Drew spent the first year of our relationship working Los Angeles hours from Dubai (the things we do for love!), lack of quality sleep had left him chronically fatigued, 17 lbs heavier, and depressed. We could no longer ignore the impact of sleep on our physical and mental health and finally decided to make it a priority.

We purchased health trackers and started a four year journey of (sometimes fanatical) research and self-experimentation. The impact a night filled with Deep and REM stage sleep had on the next day was striking: more energy, less stress, and healthier diet and exercise choices. When some lifestyle modifications increased our restorative sleep time for a few nights in a row it was like we had discovered a new superpower! We lifted more weight at the gym, delivered work presentations with confidence, and were unfazed by normally irritating events.

Amany Al Saghir & Drew Lessard



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Making dreams a reality

I have struggled with sleep and anxiety my entire life. We founded Remade to help others improve sleep and relieve stress, but also to give back to the NGO that raised me.

Remade donates 5% of profits to SOS Children’s Villages so that other abandoned and orphaned children around the world are provided the care and opportunities needed to fulfill their own dreams.

Amany Al Saghir


Amany Al Saghir


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